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10 Points of Language Learning

  1. Leave English Behind – Learn your language through “immersion sets”
  2. Make yourself understood with nonverbal communication – Understand and be understood through pictures, actions, gestures, and activities
  3. Teach in full sentences – Get away from word lists
  4. Aim for real communication in your language – Learn language you can use every day in real life
  5. Language is also culture – Learn and do traditional activities
  6. Focus on listening and speaking – You are learning conversation, not reading
  7. Learn and teach the language through activities – Cook together, eat together, clean house, go fishing, do your daily lives together in the language.
  8. Use audio and video recording – Document your time together, and use the recordings to practice your language
  9. Be an active learner – Apprentice can take charge of his/her own learning – learn to ask for language, IN the language
  10. Be sensitive to each other’s needs; be patient and proud of each other and yourselves!


Have fun too! All these points and more are covered in the immersion training workshops, along with fun exercises illustrating and exemplifying how MAP teams work together. How to Keep Your Language Alive is the manual and can be ordered from .