Language is Life Gathering

First held in 1992, this biennial conference is a gathering for California Indian individuals, families and communities dedicated to reviving their languages. The conference offers talks and workshops on the latest methods for language teaching and learning, and invites leaders from California and elsewhere to share their successful langauge restoration efforts. AICLS coordinates the location, presentations, workshops, and invites motivational keynote speakers.

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Language Is Life Gathering at Wonder Valley, 2019. 


The sun began to set over the rolling hills of Wonder Valley, as language enthusiasts from around the world gathered for the highly anticipated event – the “Language Is Life Gathering.” The event was set to take place over three days, with a diverse group of participants, including linguists, polyglots, educators, and language learners, all eager to share their passion for languages and immerse themselves in a unique linguistic experience.

The venue was a picturesque retreat center nestled in the heart of Wonder Valley, California, surrounded by pristine landscapes and rugged mountain ranges. The air was filled with excitement as participants arrived, exchanging greetings in a multitude of languages, and forming instant connections through their shared love for language.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony led by renowned linguists and polyglots, who shared inspiring stories of their language journeys and emphasized the importance of languages in shaping our lives and cultures. The participants were then divided into smaller groups, based on their language interests and proficiency levels, to engage in various language-related activities and workshops.

One group gathered around a bonfire, engaging in a lively discussion about endangered languages and efforts to preserve them. They listened to speakers from indigenous communities who shared their struggles and triumphs in revitalizing their native languages, and the group was moved by the power of language to preserve cultural heritage.

In another corner of the gathering, a language exchange session was taking place, with participants eagerly swapping words and phrases in different languages. Laughter and curiosity filled the air as participants tried out new sounds and practiced unfamiliar scripts, fostering a sense of global camaraderie through the universal medium of language.

The gathering also featured immersive language workshops, where participants could learn from experts in various native languages. They practiced speaking, writing, and even singing in these languages, gaining valuable insights into different cultures and ways of communicating.

As the sun set, the participants came together for a cultural showcase, where they celebrated the richness and diversity of world languages through music, dance, and poetry. The stage was a vibrant tapestry of performances, with participants showcasing their linguistic talents in a dazzling display of global expression.

As the gathering drew to a close, participants left with hearts full of cherished memories, new friendships, and a deepened appreciation for the power of language to connect, inspire, and shape our lives. They departed with a renewed sense of purpose, committed to continuing their language journeys and promoting linguistic diversity in their communities.,