Master Apprentice Language Learning Program (MAP)

Elder fluent speakers team with younger adult apprentices to engage in weekly activities using their language together. During the program year, the teams attend intensive trainings in immersive methods of language learning and teaching. Between trainings, they return to their home communities to work together, using the book, “How to Keep Your Language Alive”(Heyday Books) for guidance, and assisted further with mentorship and language immersion techniques provided by the AICLS team.

Teams receive a grant of $9,000 per team to aid them in their work together. Team members are expected to work together for up to 300 hours immersed their language per year, and if successful, can remain in the program for up to 3 years. After apprenticeship is over, many apprentices become instructors or language leaders in other capacities, for schools or their community language programs, and some have become Masters themselves. We support on average 10 teams per year.

Applications are open as long as funding is available.  Upon submission, applicants will be notified within 60 days of the decision. 

Family Language Program (FLP)

The Family Language Program is designed for former Master Apprentice teams that wish to bring their language into their home. It is also for families whose Leads have previously attended Breath of Life and are advanced in their language learning. This is a new, pilot program. Until it is opened for applications, family teams are approved by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. In this Program, one family member acts as the Family Lead and the “master” speaker, with the rest of the family as their team. At least one family member must be 25 or under to be eligible for this Program. Families receive a $350 monthly stipend to assist with their family language activities for up to one year. 

Applications for Master Apprentice are currently closed. Applicants may still submit an application but will be put on a wait list until further notice.

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