Seeds of Language Mini-Grant

Small grants of up to $750 are available for language projects, such as printing materials, travel to language events, and equipment for language revitalization work.

Seeds of Language Mini Grant Program Guidelines

Before applying for a Seeds of Language mini-grant, please review the guidelines below for eligibility and purpose of mini-grants. 

  • Amount of grant request is between $100 and $750.
  • Purpose for Seeds of Language Grant is to benefit California Indian language revitalization.
  • Applicant hasn’t been awarded a SOL grant within the last fiscal year, July 2023 to June 2024.
  • Applicants are individual. Large group applications to one conference should consider larger funding source.
  • Applicant is a California Indian.
  • After awarded and project is complete, a separate report will need to be submitted with a picture, receipt of purchase, and/or receipt of registration in the case of conference attendance.
  • Grant requests for reimbursement are not allowed.